Jozi SME landscaping company in Soweto Johannesburg, specialising in garden design & garden makeovers by greening Soweto. We do landscaping installations, garden management and maintenance, irrigation, vegetable gardens and garden plants.


Home Improvement Nursery aims to change the landscaping industry and offer solutions to South African homes.


The appeal of our homes can be increased by added trees and flowers and greening. This adds value to our homes making them a good investments and making them attractive. We aim to provide affordable products and services for this purpose.


Home Improvement Nursery was established to offer high quality and efficient services for government, parastatals, private companies and individuals.


The greening of our environment is vital as it assists in the reduction of carbon-oxide.




We aim to change and improve our environment and at the same time ensuring success by investing and recognising the socio economic empowerment of people by providing much needed employment opportunities.




Supply of Greening Products


  • Supplier of flowers, tree plantations
  • Vegetable - gardens product supplier
  • We explain and teach people to use our different types of products in relation to what their gardens needs are


Supplier and Distribution Services


  • Animal Feed
  • Chicken Feed
  • Safety Equipment and Clothing


Auxiliary Services


  • Supply of detergents
  • Supply of cleaning material